Transaction Account Fees and Charges

Team Thrive Pty Ltd ABN 15 637 676 496 (Thriday) is an authorised representative (No.1297601) of Regional Australia Bank Ltd ABN 21 087 650 360 AFSL 241167 (Regional Australia Bank).


  • Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use; and
  • Summary of Accounts and Availability of Access Facilities

Together these brochures form the Conditions of Use for Regional Australia Bank’s Account and Access Facilities. Please read each of the above documents before deciding if an Access Facility is right for you.

Effective Date: 03 July 2023

These fees relate to the Transaction Account issued by Regional Australia Bank. If you can access other accounts or services issued or distributed by Thriday in the Thriday App or via the Thriday Website, Thriday will provide the relevant fees for those accounts or services when you apply for them. These fees are in addition to any subscription fees.

Fees, Charges & Transaction Limits

General Transaction Fees
Fee Description Fee Amount
Access Fee - The Access Fee is a monthly fee which entitles your account to unlimited withdrawals via EFTPOS, Visa Debit, ATMs2, direct debits, BPAY®, Pay anyone. Free
Bank@Post Transaction Fee - A fee applies when you complete a withdrawal or deposit to your account through a Bank@Post outlet.1 This fee is also applicable if your transaction is declined. Free
Currency Conversion Fee - Overseas withdrawals and purchases made using your Visa Debit card will incur a currency conversion. Fee applies for all currency denominations. 3.5% of transaction
Cheque Deposit Fee - Your first 10 cheque deposits to your accounts each month are free, each subsequent deposit will be charged per cheque.3 $0.50
Service Fees
Fee Description Fee Amount
Replacement Card Fee - The initial card on each account, replacements for defective cards and automatic card renewals are free, however a fee applies for each replacement card ordered at your request. $5.00
Emergency Visa Card Fee - If your card is lost or stolen whilst overseas, a replacement card can be replaced within 2 business days.3 US$300.00
Declined Card Dispute Fee - Where you opt to dispute a Card transaction or request further information from the merchant/retailer about a transaction a fee may apply. The fee will only apply to each dispute where evidence suggests you participated in or authorised the transaction, or failed to sufficiently protect your card details. See Visa Conditions of Use for further information. 3 $20.00
Inactive Account Fee - If there are no transactions on your Transaction Accounts for a period of 12 months the Transaction Accounts will be considered inactive. This fee applies annually until the Transaction Accounts become active again, dormant or is closed. $10.00
Dormant Account Fee - This fee applies if your Transaction Account becomes dormant, which is the result of no customer generated transaction activity for a period of seven (7) years. $15.00
Document Searches - Where you request us to retrieve documents not specifically covered elsewhere a search fee may apply per hour or part thereof. $50.00 per hour
Electronic Transfer Trace and Recall Fees - Where you erroneously request a funds transfer to an external account and subsequently request us to check the transaction you may be liable for the Trace Fee. If you ask us to attempt to reverse the transaction, a Recall Fee may also apply. Trace Fee $10.00
Fee $25.00
Audit Certificate Fee - Applies to each Audit Certificate or Bank Confirmation request submitted by you or an authorised agent (such as an accountant, solicitor or auditor) acting on your behalf. $30.00 (per Certificate)
Cheque Copy or Trace Fee - Applies where you request a copy of:
- a personal cheque you deposited
- a Financial Institution cheque
Also applies where you wish to determine if a cheque you have written has been deposited or reached its intended destination.
Over Limit Fees
Fee Description Fee Amount
Over Limit Fee - This fee applies for each day that a transaction is debited from a customer which results in your transaction account being drawn beyond its available balance. $3.50
Interest on Over Limit Balances - If your Transaction Account becomes overdrawn, default interest will apply on the amount that exceeds the available balance.1 19.99% p.a.
Direct Debit Dishonour Fee - Where a direct debit request is rejected by due to insufficient funds in your account, a Dishonour Fee will apply. $5.00
Cheque Deposit Dishonour Fee - Where a cheque deposited to your account cannot be honoured due to insufficient funds in the drawer's account this fee may apply.3 $12.50
Overseas & Foreign Exchange Fees
Fee Description Fee Amount
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) / Telegraphic Transfer Fee 1 - Receiving an incoming payment $15.00
Default Transaction Limits
Transaction Type Limit
Internet Banking and Mobile App
Between your own Transaction Accounts Unlimited
To another bank or financial institution $10,000 per day
To another bank or financial institution using Osko $2,000 per day
International Payments $5,000 per day
BPAY® Transactions $10,000 per day
Combined EFTPOS and ATM cash withdrawals $1,000 per day
Contactless transactions (such as payWave) before a PIN may be required. $100 per transaction
NB- changes to limits may be available for some transaction types, upon your request and subject to approval
Default/Enforcement Expenses
Fee Description Fee Amount
SMS Reminder Nil
Default Notice Fee $30.00

1 Fees accumulate over the month and are charged to the account on the last day of each month.
2 ATM transactions with institutions other than Regional Australia Bank may incur third party charges.
3 Contain service fees charged to us, on behalf of customers, by other financial institutions or organisations.

Other transaction and service fees may apply.