The benefits of a Thriday Visa Debit card

February 20, 2024
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Michael Nuciforo
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A Thriday Business Visa Debit card* can be used to make purchases everywhere Visa is accepted. This includes online, at stores and when withdrawing funds from ATMs. So, whether you are looking to buy some supplies for your business, pay bills or withdraw cash, your Thriday Visa Debit card* has you covered. Let’s look at the different places where you can use your Thriday Visa Debit* card and the advantages of having an integrated all-in-one financial management platform.

Make purchases online

One of the many advantages of having a Thriday Visa Debit card* is that it can be used to shop online. When making a purchase, simply enter your card details into the required fields, and the charge will be deducted straight from your Thriday business bank account*. Not only is this convenient, but it also means that you can add your Thriday card for recurring subscriptions and track all your expenses in one place. This makes online shopping much safer and it’s a lot easier for you to budget.

In-store shopping

You can also use your Thriday Visa Debit* card in stores across the country. To do so, simply tap your card, or use Apple or Google Pay at any point-of-sale machine and enter your PIN number when prompted. Once the transaction is complete, the amount will be instantly deducted from your Thriday business bank account* balance. This makes paying for goods or services much quicker than using cash and the best part is, using Thriday, you can scan or take a photo of the receipt for reconciliation purposes. Keeping a copy of your receipts is required for tax time, and it helps with GST calculations.

Withdraw cash from ATMs

Your Thriday Visa Debit* card can also be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine. This means that you can pay for items in cash when needed. It also makes getting access to emergency funds much easier should you ever find yourself short on cash while away from home. All you need to do is locate an ATM machine and enter your card.

Deposit cash via Bank@Post

Thriday has a relationship with Bank@Post, which is a service provided by Australia Post that allows you to do your banking at nominated branches across the country. With over 3,500 Post Offices providing access to banking services, Bank@Post is a convenient way for you to deposit cash when needed. As a tradie this is especially helpful as you might get paid in cash frequently.

A Thriday Business Visa Debit card* offers a convenient way for business owners to pay for goods and services without having to worry about carrying large amounts of cash. They are accepted virtually anywhere including online stores, in-store and at ATM machines; making them an incredible handy payment method for busy business owners. You can sign up for your free Thriday trial today and get access to your Visa Debit* card in a few days.

DISCLAIMER: Team Thrive Pty Ltd ABN 15 637 676 496 (Thriday) is an authorised representative (No.1297601) of Regional Australia Bank ABN 21 087 650 360  AFSL 241167 (Regional Australia Bank).  Regional Australia Bank is the issuer of the transaction account and debit card available through Thriday. Any information provided by Thriday is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether Thriday is appropriate for you.

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