Budget summary for small business 2024/2025

May 17, 2024
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Justin Bohlmann
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The 2024-25 Australian Federal Budget, delivered by Treasurer Jim Chalmers, focuses on providing cost-of-living relief and fostering medium-term economic growth. Key points relevant to small businesses in Australia include:

Cost-of-Living Relief

  • Small businesses and individuals will benefit from energy bill relief, with a $325 rebate for one million small businesses. Additionally, there are measures to support workers and reduce operational costs​​.
  • Rent relief:  From 20 September 2024 The government is providing $1.9 billion over five years from 2023-2024 (and $0.5 billion per year ongoing from 2028-29) to increase all Commonwealth Rent Assistance maximum rates a further 10% (in addition to the 15% increase in the previous Federal Budget).
Thriday customer
Thriday customer

Tax Incentives and Reforms:

  • Stage 3 Tax Cuts: These cuts, starting from 1 July 2024, aim to increase take-home pay by lowering income tax rates. This can boost consumer spending, benefiting small businesses​.
  • Critical Minerals and Hydrogen Production: New production tax incentives are introduced to encourage supply and innovation in these sectors, potentially opening up new business opportunities and partnerships for small enterprises
  • Instant Asset Write Off of $20k being extended another year

Support for Domestic Manufacturing:

  • Investment in domestic manufacturing, including solar panel production and renewable energy projects, aims to boost local industries and create opportunities for small businesses involved in these supply chains​.

Housing and Workforce Initiatives:

  • Funding to build more social and affordable housing and 20,000 fee-free TAFE places (including 5,000 pre-apprenticeships) aims to increase the skilled workforce available to small businesses.

Enhanced Tax Compliance:

  • The budget includes measures to improve tax compliance and close loopholes, focusing on short-term rental deductions and foreign resident capital gains. This aims to ensure a fairer tax system for all businesses​​.

The budget is designed to ease financial pressures on individuals and small businesses while promoting growth and innovation through targeted investments and tax reforms.

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Thriday all-in-one financial management platform

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