$1.7b federal budget boost for working parents

May 6, 2021
Jaala Alex
This week, the federal government announced a significant boost to the budget for childcare which aims to assist approximately 18,000 families across Australia.

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A pledge of $1.7b dedicated to significantly reduce childcare costs was announced by the federal government this week. The measures are designed to encourage more parents to return to working either four or five days a week and stimulate Australiaโ€™s economic recovery from COVID-19.


Too often, families are forced to make the difficult decision of who goes back to work, and who stays home. And, more often that not, it is the woman who has to sacrifice their career to balance the cost of childcare. An estimated 90,000 people across Australia who said they werenโ€™t in the workforce last year because of the high cost of child care.


Currently, childcare subsidies are currently capped at $10,560, beyond which households with an income of more than $189,390 pay the full rate in childcare fees. The new policy will remove that cap. The government expects the changes will encourage about 40,000 people to work an extra day per week.


While we'd love to see 90,000 individuals have the opportunity to work an extra day per week, the budget increase initiative is certainly a move in the right direction.


What does that mean for you as a small business owner?


With a reduced cost of childcare the initiative will help remove barriers for parents, particularly mothers, to return to the workforce and increase their hours. This will give you more time to dedicate to the incredible small business you are building and operating.


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