Remembering Intersekt 2023

February 20, 2024
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Michael Nuciforo
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As the sun set over Melbourne's skyline, I couldn't help but reflect on the incredible experience I had just had at Intersekt 2023, Australia's premier fintech conference. Over two inspiring days, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of finance and technology, learning about the latest innovations, meeting brilliant startups, and forging meaningful connections. In this blog post, I'll take you through my Intersekt 2023 experience, giving you a taste of the incredible insights and opportunities this conference offered. So buckle up, let's get into it.

Day 1: A World of Possibilities

The conference started with an electrifying keynote by Hon Minister Stephen Jones MP, Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services. Minister Jones shared his perspective on the future of finance and the critical role the sector played in the Australian economy. The buzz in the air was palpable as attendees left the room to move to the various sessions scheduled around the Grand Hyatt. The early sessions focused on the future of payments, expansion into Asia and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Startup Showcase: Unveiling Tomorrow's Leaders

One of the conference's highlights was the number of startups that attended and presented across the various speaker sessions. In a buzzing hall filled with eager investors and curious attendees, I had the chance to witness firsthand the incredible innovation happening in fintech. Startups from around Australia pitched their groundbreaking ideas, from AI-powered personal finance assistants to blockchain-based identity verification solutions. It was evident that the future of finance was being shaped by a new generation of Aussie entrepreneurs.

Sales: Not Really

This annual event has become a cornerstone for thought leaders, startups, and established companies in the fintech sector because you don't get bombarded by sales people. People who attend the event are super respectful and are interested in getting to know you and your business. Whilst there are attendees that obviously want to talk business, it's respectful and not over the top.

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Day 2: Insights and Inspiration

The second day was filled with panel discussions and workshops, offering a deep dive into various fintech domains. I attended a panel on the evolution of payments, where experts discussed the rise of digital wallets and the potential of cryptocurrencies. Another panel explored the ethical implications of AI in finance, a topic that is becoming increasingly important as AI continues to gain prominence.

Networking Magic: Connections That Count

Intersekt 2023 wasn't just about learning but also about connecting with like-minded individuals. During coffee breaks and networking sessions, I met entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals who shared my passion for fintech. The connections I made at the conference were invaluable, opening doors to potential collaborations and partnerships.

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Fintech Masterclasses

Across Intersekt 2023, there were several fintech masterclasses. I opted for a workshop on CDR, where I gained a better understanding of open banking and its potential applications. It was a fantastic experience that deepened my understanding of the potential applications of blockchain in finance.

The Future is Fintech

As Intersekt 2023 came to a close, I couldn't help but feel inspired and optimistic about the future of finance. The conference showcased the incredible innovations in fintech and the passionate and dedicated individuals driving this industry forward.

Intersekt 2023 was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared vision. It demonstrated that fintech is not just about financial transactions; it's about transforming how we interact with money and empowering individuals and businesses to make smarter financial decisions.

If you are interested in the intersection of finance and technology, mark your calendar for Intersekt 2024. It's an event that promises to be even bigger than this time.

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