New Team Member: Jaala Alex

February 20, 2024
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Ben Winford
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We're super pumped to announce that Jaala Alex has joined Thriday as our new Community Manager! In this role Jaala will manage the waitlist audience, keeping them engaged, getting them involved in the product design process and ultimately assisting these members with becoming subscribed Thriday customers.

Jaala joined the team last week, and you can get to know her a little better below:

Tell us a little about your most recent work experiences...
My background is in Marketing in the arts sector. Before I moved to Melbourne, I worked at Queensland's best contemporary galleries, museums, film festivals, and craft bodies.

When I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago I was presented with the opportunity to work for Monash University's entrepreneurial program, The Generator, where I was the Community Manager. Watching and supporting young entrepreneurs' personal growth, and the growth of their companies, was incredibly fulfilling. The position also introduced me to some stand-out human beings. I met Michael (Thriday's CEO) through Monash - enough said! #grateful

Don’t be shy, tell us your superpowers!  
I am legitimately so strong; I can lift full-grown men. ‍

Share a little bit about your personal interests...  
As my arts background may tell you, I'm into cultural activities: film, theatre, contemporary art, contemporary dance. My flair for fashion may not give away that I am actually really into fitness, too. I love going to the gym, boxing and I (try to) cycle everywhere.

Which small business do you personally love the most...  
I am currently obsessed with second-hand furniture marketplaces. One of the best sites that are killing it right now is Curated Spaces. I wish I had beat them to it!

Favourite movie, song and food!  
The Royal Tenanbaums, (my Spotify tells me) Fools Gold by Jack River, pizza forever (how cliche).

What are your plans for the Thriday community?
I have big plans for the Thriday community.

My goal is to listen to all the insightful and invaluable feedback from our waitlist users to find out about their current pain points with managing their finances, to then feedback to the product team, so that we can build the best version of the platform that we can. I will be managing a wide range of activities around that: product demos, surveys, focus groups and customer listening channels.  

I will also be the project lead on the Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which is super exciting. The CAB will consist of a group of Thriday customers that represent the needs and interests of business owners. This board will hold us accountable to our mission of helping businesses thrive. Michael wrote a great article about the initiative here.  

After launch, I want to create a safe, inclusive, warm environment around our community where our customers can share resources, stories, and help each other succeed.

I can’t wait to meet the Thriday waitlist customers, and help them build a thriving business (I just had to use the word thriving, somewhere! 😉).

New Team Member: Jaala Alex | Thriday

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