Melbourne Billionaire Adrian Portelli Offers $200,000 Reward in Wake of Daring Burglary

February 20, 2024
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Ben Mensah
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In a dramatic twist reminiscent of a crime thriller, Melbourne's billionaire Adrian Portelli has offered a whopping $200,000 reward for information leading to the capture of burglars who recently targeted the headquarters of his online raffle business, LMCT+.

In an event that shook Melbourne's northern suburbs, Adrian Portelli, a self-made billionaire and the mind behind the LMCT+ empire, became the victim of a brash burglary; spurring Portelli to offer a hefty $200,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprits.

The incident, unfolding on a quiet Wednesday night at the North Melbourne office, saw a group of masked intruders wielding sledgehammers break into the premises. Despite their efforts, the loot was meagre, prompting Portelli to launch a public appeal for justice on social media.

Melbourne billionaire Adrian Portelli
The Melbourne entrepreneur offered $200,000 to anyone that came forward with information that lead to solving the case. Picture: @adrian_portelli/Instagram

Portelli, known as "Mr Lambo" for his blockbuster real estate spending and high-profile giveaways, shared his frustration and determination along with CCTV footage of the break-in on Instagram to his almost 300,000 followers. "A few guys with sledgehammers thought it would be a great idea to break through the window,'' he said, joking about the futility of their actions. "They left empty-handed in their pursuit of happiness, trying to find their pot of gold."

With a hint of sarcasm, he added, "Guys, I do not keep money, keys, or anything of value on site. If you want yourself a Coco Republic couch, you're more than welcome to come in and steal it."

The entrepreneur's decision to offer a reward was driven by more than just the break-in; it was a stand against the escalating crime wave in Melbourne, which he finds particularly concerning as a new parent. "I don't need these f--kheads breaking into my s---, especially since I just had a kid," he expressed, downplaying the value of the stolen goods but underscoring his irritation with the incident.

Adrian Portelli with baby
Portelli, who recently welcomed his first child, voiced his concerns over the current crime wave sweeping through Melbourne and the direct impact on his sense of security. Picture: @adrian_portelli/Instagram

The brazen burglary came days after Portelli advertised a $350,000 cash giveaway on social media, a fact he believes could have lured the thieves to his premises. "We film a lot with cash and a lot of money. So we ran a promotion, a $350,000 promotion. So we had $350,000 in cash here," he said, but highlighting that "We film weeks in advance."

"If you want cash or any other goodies, there's nothing here. I'm from the West as well, mate; you think I'm going to f**king sit here publicising all this cash and then be like, oh yeah, it's at the factory, come on guys, help yourself to it? F**k, come on, mate, smarten up."

In an effort to catch those responsible, Portelli announced an initial $100,000 reward, saying, "I'm going to give someone $100,000, transferred into their bank instantly, for anyone that provides information that leads to an arrest and a conviction." He quickly upped the ante in a subsequent statement hours later: "I'm upping it up to $200,000 for whoever can get me the names of the people who broke into this shop last night."

"If you've got the information, come forward. You will remain anonymous. Let's end this, once and for all."

The LMCT+ founder's response to the break-in has been both unique and indicative of his larger-than-life personality. Known for his lavish giveaways and flamboyant lifestyle, Portelli has not let the incident dampen his spirits. Instead, he decided to 'make some fun of it' and engage his substantial social media following in a real-life quest for justice: "We're going to play a game; it's called convict the criminal."

Adrian Portelli Apartment with McClaren
Portelli smashed the record for most expensive apartment purchase in Melbourne in 2023, spending $39M on the luxury penthouse and making headlines by starting off the furnishings on the 57th floor with a rare $3M McClaren Senna GTR lifted in by crane

As the investigation proceeds, with police and Portelli alike calling for public assistance, the community's response has been one of overwhelming support for the embattled entrepreneur. "We've gotten a lot of information, and we've passed it onto the police that are in charge of this investigation, and they're doing everything they can," Portelli shared, hopeful that the substantial reward will lead to a swift resolution.

In the meantime, Portelli's defiant stance and generous reward offer have spotlighted the growing issue of crime in Melbourne, drawing attention not just to his personal plight but to the broader challenges facing the city's business community.

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