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February 20, 2024
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Jaala Alex
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We're thrilled to announce that Alice has joined the team as Customer Care Analyst in Jaala's small but mighty Community & Customer team!

Tell us a little about your most recent work experiences...
I’ve come from working at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, where I assisted leading the Customer Service Team. I absolutely LOVE helping people (both customers and colleagues) so working in Customer Service is where I thrive!

I am also a Netball umpire, and umpire 2-4 nights a week with CitySide Sports who run social netball games for open ages. I’ve been with the company for about 4 years and absolutely love the community that CitySide Sports has built!

Don’t be shy, tell us your super powers!
Well this one is hard…I have quite a few hidden super powers! The ones worth mentioning would be:

  • Helping people! Whether it’s helping client to resolve a problem or a friend in crisis… I will be there start to end and we will have a blast on our journey through the problem together!
  • No problem is too big or too small and I have an uncanny ability to help people to end the day/call/problem with a smile :).
  • Extremely high attention to detail! I call this one a blessing and a curse. I am that annoying person that will find errors on menus, or in news articles. It’s a great super power but sometimes finding things that are out of place or incorrect can be annoying…to others haha!

Share a little bit about your personal interests...
Number 1: My dog Maisie. She is the highlight of my life and I am absolutely obsessed with her. She’s a 4 year old, light brown Border Collie who is the dorkiest and quirkiest ball of fluff. Don’t worry, you’ll get to meet her (and hear her!) in virtual meetings.

Number Two: Melbourne Demons! I am a passionate Dee supporter (not a bandwagon supporter ;)) who has been there through the rough times and you’ll find me somewhere in their cheersquad at most of there games :).

Last but not least, Number 3: Cooking! Be it a dinner for one or a group dinner, I absolutely love cooking and could do it all day, every day.

Which small business do you personally love the most...
Calla Collective. It’s a friends small business that sells gifts, homewares and all that cute stuff you can’t help but love. They have a little shop out in Warrandyte and have just opened a second shop down in Dromana:

Favourite movie, song and food!
Pitch Perfect (all 3)
Matt Nathanson - Come on get higher OR Princess,
My dads Chicken Noodle Soup

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