Building a Resilient Business: Proven Tactics for Conquering Cash Flow Issues

February 20, 2024
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Alice Surdy
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Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and its management is crucial for sustainable growth and success. Yet, many entrepreneurs and small business owners need help with cash flow challenges that can jeopardise their operations. In this insightful blog, we delve into the complex world of cash flow and shed light on the common hurdles businesses face. The road to maintaining a healthy cash flow can be riddled with obstacles, from inconsistent revenue streams to delayed payments and unexpected expenses. However, fear not! We are here to equip you with strategies, tips, and expert advice to overcome these challenges and regain control of your financial stability.

Your business will suffer from cash flow challenges for many reasons, and it's almost inevitable it will happen at some stage. As a result, it's vital to invest time in contingency planning, establishing emergency funds, and building solid relationships with suppliers and clients. To help you develop clear strategies, let's review the top cash flow issues and provide some suggestions for how you can tackle them.

Late Payments

Late payments are a common issue for small businesses in Australia, with almost half of all payments made to small businesses being late. This can result in a significant cash flow gap and even lead to the closure of your business. To overcome this issue, consider using digital solutions to stay on top of invoices and payments, offer incentives for early payments, and promptly follow up on late payments.  

Rising Expenses

Rising expenses, including inflation, supply chain disruptions, and increasing payroll costs, can impact small business cash flow. To overcome this issue, regularly review expenses to identify areas where costs can be reduced, consider alternative suppliers or materials and look for ways to increase efficiency and productivity.  

Seasonal Slowdowns

Seasonal slowdowns in January and February can create cash flow uncertainty for small businesses. To overcome this issue, plan for seasonal slowdowns, offer promotions or discounts to encourage sales during slow periods and consider alternative revenue streams.  


Overstocking can tie up cash flow and lead to excess inventory. To overcome this issue, monitor inventory levels closely, use inventory management software to track sales and inventory levels, and offer discounts or promotions to move excess inventory.  


Under-pricing products or services can lead to lower profit margins and cash flow issues. To overcome this issue, research competitors' pricing to ensure that your prices are competitive, consider the value of your products or services and adjust the pricing accordingly, and consider promotions or discounts to encourage sales when needed.  

Over-reliance on a Single Customer

Over-reliance on a single customer can create cash flow issues if that customer stops doing business with your small business. To overcome this issue, diversify your customer base, offer promotions or discounts to attract new customers, and consider alternative revenue streams.  

Poor Record Keeping

Poor record keeping can lead to cash flow issues if small business owners are unaware of their financial situation. To overcome this issue, use accounting software like Thriday to keep track of income and expenses and review financial statements regularly. 

Inefficient Payment Processes

Inefficient payment processes can lead to delays in receiving payments and create cash flow issues. To overcome this issue, use digital payment solutions to speed up the payment process, offer incentives for early payments, and promptly follow up on late payments.  

Lack of Planning

Lack of planning can lead to cash flow issues if small business owners are unprepared for unexpected expenses or revenue shortfalls. To overcome this issue, create a budget and stick to it, plan for seasonal slowdowns and other expected costs, and consider alternative revenue streams.  

Failure to Seek Professional Advice

Failure to seek professional advice can lead to cash flow issues if small business owners are unaware of their options. To overcome this issue, seek advice from a financial advisor or accountant and research funding options to support cash flow shortfalls.  

Final Thoughts

Understanding and managing cash flow is critical for the success of any small business. Thriday can provide valuable assistance in optimising cash flow. Our services include cash flow forecasting, cash flow analysis, and creating a cash flow statement. By utilising these services, small business owners like you can better understand your operating cash flow and identify areas for improvement, such as reducing expenses, improving billing and payment processes, and identifying new revenue streams. Working with a service like Thriday can help small business owners create a more comprehensive and effective cash flow management plan, which is essential for achieving long-term success.  

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