The Best Accounting Software for Housekeepers

February 20, 2024
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Alice Surdy
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As a housekeeper, managing your finances can be time-consuming and overwhelming. But with the right accounting software, you can simplify your financial tasks and focus on growing your business. In this article, we’ll explore the best accounting software options for housekeepers in Australia that will help you manage your finances with ease.

Why Housekeepers Need Accounting Software

Unlike other businesses, housekeepers have unique financial needs. They require a software that can help them manage their budgets, track their expenses and income, and simplify their tax preparation. Housekeepers need something that caters to their specific requirements, and that's where specialised accounting software comes in handy.

Housekeeping is a demanding job that requires a lot of effort and hard work. It involves cleaning, organising, and maintaining a property to ensure that it's in top condition. Housekeepers are responsible for ensuring that everything is in order, and this includes managing their finances effectively.

Managing Finances and Budgets

The most crucial aspect of running a successful business is managing your finances effectively. With accounting software, housekeepers can create and manage budgets, monitor their cash flow and access insightful financial reports. This not only helps to organise the books but also provides the housekeepers with an opportunity to make informed decisions based on their business's financial health.

For instance, a housekeeper can use specialised accounting software to create a budget for cleaning supplies, utilities, and other expenses. They can monitor their cash flow to ensure that they're not overspending or undercharging their clients. With insightful financial reports, housekeepers can identify areas where they need to cut costs or increase revenue to improve their profitability.

Tracking Expenses and Income

Keeping track of all expenses is critical to success in any business, but it's especially important for housekeepers. They need to keep track of everything, from the cleaning supplies purchased to the monthly earnings, so that they can reconcile their books accurately. With accounting software, housekeepers can record expenses and income quickly and efficiently, and generate reports that display cash flow in real-time.

For example, a housekeeper can use accounting software to track their expenses, such as cleaning supplies, transportation costs, and other business-related expenses. They can also record their income, such as payments from clients, tips, and other sources of revenue. With real-time cash flow reports, housekeepers can monitor their financial health and make informed decisions about their business.

Simplifying Tax Preparation

Tax preparation and filing can be a headache for many housekeepers. But with the right accounting software, housekeepers can easily keep track of their taxes, generate tax forms, and export the relevant data for their accountants. This simplifies the entire tax process and helps them avoid costly mistakes that might arise from manual record-keeping.

Specialised accounting software can help housekeepers prepare their tax returns quickly and accurately. They can generate tax forms, such as Schedule C, which is used to report income and expenses for sole proprietors. They can also export their financial data to their accountants, who can use it to prepare their tax returns. This saves time and money and ensures that housekeepers comply with tax laws and regulations.

Top Features to Look for in Accounting Software for Housekeepers

When it comes to managing your finances as a housekeeper, having the right accounting software can make all the difference. With the right software, you can streamline your invoicing, track your expenses, and generate reports that provide valuable insights into your business.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the most important features to look for in accounting software is a user-friendly interface. As a housekeeper, you likely have a lot on your plate, so you don't want to waste time struggling with complicated software. Look for software that has an easy-to-use interface and intuitive software that can be customised to your preferences. The interface should be easy to navigate, with menu items clearly labeled to enhance usability and reduce confusion.

Mobile Accessibility

In today's fast-paced world, mobile accessibility is essential. As a housekeeper, you may be constantly on the go, so being able to manage your finances from your mobile device can be a game-changer. Look for accounting software that is easily accessible via a mobile app or a mobile-responsive website. This will allow you to manage your finances from anywhere, at any time.

Customisable Invoicing

Generating invoices is a crucial part of your income-generation process as a housekeeper. However, not all clients are the same, and you may need to customise your invoices to meet their specific needs. Look for accounting software that allows you to customise your invoices to your taste and brand your invoices professionally. This provides a more personal touch that can appeal to clients and help you stand out from the crowd.

Expense Tracking and Categorisation

Tracking your expenses is essential for managing your finances effectively. Look for accounting software that allows you to keep track of all expenses in one place, categorise them for easy identification, and generate accurate reports. Efficient categorisation helps to reduce the time required for bookkeeping and tax preparation while also providing insights into where your money is going.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Generating reports that provide insights into your business's financial health is essential for making informed decisions. Look for accounting software that generates reports that are insightful and easy to understand. These reports should provide a quick overview of the financial health of your business, which can be reviewed regularly. You can use these reports to project your income, adjust budgets, and develop new strategies for growing your business.

By selecting accounting software with these features, you can streamline your financial management processes and focus on growing your business.

Comparing the Best Accounting Software Options for Housekeepers

When it comes to running a successful housekeeping business, keeping track of finances is crucial. This is where accounting software comes in, and luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from. Below are some of the best accounting software options for housekeepers:

1. Thriday (Recommended)

Thriday is a cutting-edge automated accounting software tailored to streamline financial administration for time-poor housekeepers. With its user-friendly interface and advanced automation features, Thriday simplifies financial tasks such as invoicing, expense tracking, and bill management, allowing housekeepers to save precious time and focus on their core responsibilities. By integrating banking, accounting and tax into one platform, Thriday can provide real-time insights into financial data. This empowers housekeepers to efficiently manage their finances, make informed decisions, and optimise their productivity in maintaining a clean and organised environment.

Thriday Client Testimonial, Kiki


MYOB is a cloud-based accounting solution that is perfect for self-employed housekeepers. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to invoice clients and record expenses, and it also tracks billable time, which is ideal for clients who are charged by the hour.

One of the standout features of MYOB is its customer support. The company offers phone, email, and live chat support, making it easy to get help when you need it.

3. Xero

Xero is an all-in-one accounting solution designed for small businesses. It offers features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and inventory management that are suitable for housekeepers. Xero also provides users with real-time financial data, making it easier to manage and track business finances.

One of the benefits of Xero is its collaboration capabilities. The software allows multiple users to access the same data, making it easy to collaborate with your team or accountant. Additionally, Xero offers a range of integrations with other software, including PayPal and Stripe, making it easy to manage your finances in one place.

Ultimately, the best accounting software for your housekeeping business will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider the features and benefits of each software option before making a decision, and don't be afraid to try out a few different options before settling on one.

Final Thoughts

Accounting software is essential for housekeepers looking to streamline their financial management activities. By choosing the right accounting software, housekeepers can save time, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions based on their business's financial health. Consider the above-listed software options when making a decision and choose one that meets your business's specific requirements. Good luck!

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