The Best Accounting Software for Plasterers

February 20, 2024
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Michael Nuciforo
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Are you a plasterer struggling to keep track of your business finances and operations? Do you find traditional accounting software too generic and not tailored to your industry needs? Look no further, as we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the best accounting software options specifically designed for plasterers.

Why Plasterers Need Accounting Software

Running a plastering business comes with unique challenges that require accounting software to overcome. From job costing to estimating, the software needs to streamline your operations and ensure accurate financial tracking.

Unique Industry Challenges

As a plasterer, you likely work on multiple jobs simultaneously, with varying costs, materials, and labour requirements. It can be challenging to keep track of all these variables, especially when it comes to invoicing and payment processing. Specialised accounting software can help you simplify these processes by providing organised and easily accessible records.

Additionally, as a plasterer, you are often required to work in different environments, both indoor and outdoor. This can make tracking your expenses and inventory even more challenging, as you need to ensure that you have the necessary tools and materials for each job. Furthermore, weather conditions can impact your work schedule, which can affect your financial planning. Specialised accounting software can help you keep track of all these variables and ensure that your business is running smoothly.

Streamlining Business Operations

Accounting software designed for plasterers can help you streamline your business operations by automating tasks, such as time tracking and payroll integration. This can save you time and money, as you no longer need to manually input data or calculate payments. Additionally, the software can help you manage your team more efficiently, allowing you to assign tasks and monitor progress in real-time.

Furthermore, accounting software can help you manage your cash flow more effectively. You can track your expenses and revenues, and receive alerts when payments are due or overdue. This can help you avoid late payments and improve your overall financial management.

Ensuring Accurate Financial Tracking

Keeping track of the financials of your plastering business can be a daunting task. You need to ensure all your expenses and revenues are in order, and that your records are updated and accurate. Specialised accounting software can help you stay on top of your finances by automating reporting and providing accurate analytics.

Moreover, the software can help you monitor your profitability and identify areas for improvement. You can track your expenses and revenues by job, client, or project, and receive detailed reports on your financial performance. This can help you make informed business decisions and optimise your operations for maximum profitability.

Accounting software can help plasterers overcome the unique challenges of their industry and improve their financial management. By streamlining their operations, ensuring accurate financial tracking, and providing valuable insights, the software can help plasterers grow their business and achieve long-term success.

Top Accounting Software Options for Plasterers

As a plasterer, you know the importance of keeping your finances in order. With the right accounting software, you can streamline your business operations and keep track of your expenses, invoices, and payments with ease. Here are our top picks for accounting software options that cater to the specific needs of plasterers:

1. Thriday (Recommended)

Plasterers save valuable time by using Thriday for their financial management needs. Thriday simplifies the process of tracking expenses, generating invoices, and managing cash flow. Plasterers can easily categorise their expenses, automate invoice generation, and streamline payment tracking. The software's intuitive interface and automation features eliminate manual data entry and reduce administrative tasks.

With Thriday, plasterers can efficiently handle their financial admin, allowing them to focus more on their core work. By saving time on financial tasks, Thriday enables plasterers to maximise productivity and dedicate more time to their craft.

Thriday app

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software solution designed for contractors and small business owners. It includes features such as job costing, estimating, payroll, and inventory management, making it a great choice for plasterers looking to streamline their business operations. With QuickBooks, you can easily create and send invoices, track your expenses, and manage your cash flow. Plus, it integrates with popular payment processors such as PayPal and Square, making it easy to get paid quickly.

3. Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software solution that offers a range of features for construction and trade businesses, including project tracking, invoicing, and expense management. It also integrates with popular project management platforms such as WorkflowMax and Trello, allowing you to keep track of your projects and finances in one place. With Xero, you can easily manage your cash flow, track your expenses, and create professional-looking invoices.


MYOB is a cloud-based invoicing and accounting software solution designed for small businesses in the trades industry. It features time tracking, project management, and payment processing, making it an excellent solution for plasterers looking to save time and simplify their financials. With MYOB, you can easily track your time and expenses, create professional-looking invoices, and accept online payments.

Overall, there are many accounting software options available for plasterers. Whether you're looking for a simple invoicing solution or a comprehensive accounting software package, there's sure to be an option that meets your needs. By choosing the right accounting software, you can save time, streamline your business operations, and focus on what you do best - providing high-quality plastering services to your clients.

Key Features

When it comes to running a successful plastering business, having the right accounting software is crucial. Not only will it help you streamline your financial processes, but it can also provide you with valuable insights into your business's performance. Here are some additional details about the key features to look for in accounting software for plasterers:

Job Costing and Estimating

Accurately estimating the costs of each job is essential for any plastering business. Your accounting software should allow you to create detailed estimates that take into account all the expenses associated with the job, including materials, labour, and overheads. With this information, you can ensure that you are pricing your services correctly and that you are making a profit on each job.

Time Tracking and Payroll Integration

Managing your employees' time and ensuring that they are paid accurately and on time is critical for any business. Your accounting software should have a time tracking feature that allows your employees to clock in and out of work, and that integrates with your payroll system to make sure that everyone gets paid on time. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your employees are happy and motivated.

Inventory and Material Management

As a plasterer, you rely heavily on your inventory and materials to complete each job. Your accounting software should have a feature that allows you to track your inventory levels and materials usage in real-time. This can help you avoid running out of supplies mid-project and ensure that you always have what you need to get the job done.

Invoicing and Payment Processing

Generating accurate invoices and processing payments quickly is essential for any business. Your accounting software should have a feature that allows you to create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily. It should also allow you to process payments online, which can improve your cash flow and save you time.

Reporting and Analytics

Having access to accurate financial reports and analytics is crucial for making informed decisions about your business's future. Your accounting software should provide you with detailed reports on your income, expenses, and profits, as well as insights into your business's performance. With this information, you can identify areas for improvement and make strategic decisions that will help your business grow.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right accounting software for your plastering business is essential for success. By considering the key features outlined above and investing in the right software, you can streamline your financial processes, make informed decisions, and take your business to new heights.

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