The best tools for saving time on running your business

May 10, 2024
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Michael Nuciforo
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Running a business is tough, you have 101 things to do everyday, on top of picking up the kids from school and finding time to get to the gym. Time is your most precious commodity. So how do you get more of it? Read about our favourite tools below that help you save time running your business.

Todoist - A great tool for keeping on top of your task list. Available in a mobile app and website, you can easily keep a log of your ‘to do’ list, add notes, upload documents and prioritise your tasks. Nothing beats the satisfaction of marking a task as ‘Done’! Todoist does offer a free package for it’s basic version.

Canva - One of Australia’s startup darlings, Canva found its niche by making it super quick and easy for any business to build stunning graphics for marketing. With modern consumers so fixated on aesthetics and branding, small businesses need to look professional without spending thousands of dollars on agencies. Canva’s out of the box templates and designs make this affordable and easy to do.

Wix - The days of having to find a developer offshore to build out your website are long gone. Wix with it’s drag and drop functionality has made it extremely quick for anyone, expert or novice, to build a world class site. With most sites now the only interaction any customer will have your business, it’s important to get that right.

Zapier - Probably the coolest tool we have come across in the last few years. Zapier allows you to set up automated tasks based on rules you specify. If your customers email you attachments in Gmail, Zapier can automatically store those attachments in Dropbox. This tool has unlimited potential to speed up your life.

Slack - Staying connected with your team, suppliers and partners is critical to your business’s success. Slack is a communications tool that allows you to set up channels to discuss specific topics, as well as connect individually with anyone added to the platform. Slack is free for the basic starter package.

Thriday - Of course it had to be on here. Small businesses spend on average, over 10 hours a week on their finances, payroll, accounting and tax. These 10 hours take away from time that could be spent on growing sales, hiring staff and helping your customers. Thriday allows you to manage your money on autopilot and comes with a free account offering as well! 

Ento - Our favourite tool for workforce management and rostering. Manage your team like a breeze with Ento. Once you set up your team, you can monitor each team members time on, time off and earnings. You can easily publish schedules and keep track of timesheets.

We hope this list helps. Please ping us at if you have any other suggestions to add to the list. We would love to hear on what works for you, so we can share these tools with other business owners.

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