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February 20, 2024
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Jaala Alex
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Have you ever come across a company with a name that resonates with you? A name that encapsulates its mission and values perfectly? Well, that's precisely the case with Thriday, and in this post, I'll take you on a journey to discover the meaning behind the name and how it reflects the essence of the brand.

What Does Thriday Mean? 

Thriday, pronounced as "Thri-day," is more than just a catchy name; it's a portmanteau of three powerful words: "Thrive every day". When you break it down, this isn't just a clever combination of words; it's a guiding principle that shapes the very core of Thriday's identity.

Why the Name Thriday? 

Now that we know what Thriday stands for, you might wonder why the founders chose this name. Well, it all started with a vision – a vision of helping businesses not only survive but thrive in their pursuit of business success. The name had to reflect this commitment, and "Thrive every day" did just that. 

Thriday also has a double meaning, with Friday, often associated with relief and anticipation, representing the end of the workweek and the beginning of a well-deserved break. So by using Thriday, you can get everything done by Thursday so that you can enjoy Friday.

Thriday embodies that feeling of accomplishment, excitement, and the promise of a brighter future. The founders wanted every day to feel like Friday, where individuals could look forward to each day with enthusiasm and positivity.

Why Was the Name Thriday Selected?

The selection of a name is often a pivotal moment for any business. In Thriday's case, the name was carefully chosen to reflect the core values and aspirations of the brand. Here are a few reasons why "Thriday" was the perfect choice: 

  • Positive Vibe: The name Thriday immediately conveys a positive and uplifting message. It's a name that inspires and motivates the team behind Thriday and its customers. 
  • Everyday Thriving: Thriday's mission is to help individuals and businesses thrive in their daily endeavours. By combining "thrive" and "every day," the name encapsulates the essence of their goal – to make every day feel like you are thriving. 
  • Memorability: A great brand name should be easy to remember. Thriday rolls off the tongue effortlessly, making it a name that's not easily forgotten. 

What's the Story Behind the Name?

Behind every great name, there's often an interesting story. Thriday is no exception. The founders of Thriday were chatting online, brainstorming ideas for their new venture. They wanted a name that represented their passion for helping people succeed in their daily lives. As they shared various names, "Friday" on the calendar caught their eye. That was the spark that lit the fuse.

Does the Name Impact How Thriday Operates? 

Absolutely. The name Thriday is a constant reminder of the brand's mission and values. It influences every aspect of how Thriday operates, from its customer-centric approach to its commitment to innovation. Here's how: 

  1. Putting Customers First: Thriday understands that its customers want to thrive in their everyday lives. The name keeps the team aligned with this goal, ensuring that all products and services are designed to empower individuals and businesses. 
  2. Continuous Improvement: Thriving every day requires constant improvement and innovation. Thriday embraces this ethos, constantly seeking new ways to help its customers achieve their goals. 
  3. Positive Culture: The name Thriday creates a positive and energetic company culture. Team members are motivated to bring the Friday feeling to work daily, fostering a creative and enthusiastic environment. 

What Do Customers Think It Means? 

Thriday's customers play a pivotal role in shaping the perception of the name. When asked what Thriday means to them, many share their thoughts. Some say it's a reminder to make the most of each day, while others see it as an invitation to pursue their dreams and passions. To Thriday's customers, the name embodies positivity, ambition, and a commitment to personal and professional development. 

Final Thoughts

The name Thriday is not just a label; it's a symbol of the brand's commitment to helping you thrive every day. It reflects the positive spirit and unwavering dedication of the team behind Thriday. So, as you engage with Thriday's products and services, remember that you're not just connecting with a name – you're embracing a philosophy of daily empowerment and success. So, the next time you hear the name Thriday, remember that it's more than just a word; it's an invitation to thrive every day!

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