Thriday Reaches 8,000 Waitlist Members

February 23, 2021
Ben Winford

Thriday has passed another huge milestone this week – just a few days after smashing Australian crowdfunding records and closing our $3 million fundraise – we just passed 8,000 waitlist members!

We can’t believe the level of response to our proposition and we consistently get over 50 new sign ups a day. During our crowdfunding campaign we broke a number of daily highs, even exceeding 100 new waitlist signups for a few days.

To put the 8,000 waitlist sign ups into context, Revolut, the UK fintech unicorn that launched in Australia last year, had 20,000 customers on its waitlist when it went live. So for Thriday to get to 8,000 already is seriously impressive.

So what happens next? As Thriday moves forward and gets closer to launch, businesses on the waitlist will be contacted to firm up their account opening plans. Those at the top of the waitlist, or those that have paid to skip the queue, will be given first access. It is expected that access will be granted in waves of 200 customers a week for the first couple of months.

So for example, if you are number 601 on the waitlist, then you will have to wait for week 4 of our launch to transition over. This is because week 1 will be waitlist sign ups 1-200, week 2 will cover 201-400 and week 3 will include 401-600.

This phased strategy will ensure that we are able to work directly with a small set of businesses as they get setup with Thriday.  Doing it slowly will allow us to be super attentive and deal with anything that arises efficiently.

Thanks again for supporting us on our journey and we can’t wait to make your business Thriday!

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