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What’s your business credit score?

If it’s bad Thriday can help you improve it with better financial management systems, if it’s good, Thriday can help you maintain it!


Is your business credit score secretly holding you back from success?

You may not even know you have a poor score. You could be paying more than you have to for loans and insurance, and your trust profile could be impacting sales and revenue

Your business credit score can affect:

Your interest rate on business finance

The higher your risk profile, the less lenders want to lend to you; therefore, the higher the interest rate they’ll charge.

How much you pay for business insurance

No one wants to pay more for insurance than they have to. With a bad credit score, your insurer could see you as a higher risk.

How legitimate you appear to suppliers

Your clients can access this same data to determine if it’s worth the risk of doing business with you. A poor score means less business.

How trustworthy you appear to clients

A bad score might not mean you’re untrustworthy, but it sure can look that way from a potential client's perspective.


Thriday makes it easy to track your business credit score for free

Thriday reveals your score and offers insights and tools to improve it. Plus, with features like automated bill payments and tax lodgment, Thriday can help you maintain a healthy score with better financial management systems.


Keep your score healthy with Thriday

Automation, built-in forecasting and real-time reporting in Thriday gives you everything you need to maintain a healthy score and a healthy business

Automated bill payments

Late payments can impact your score. With bill manager, you can simply snap a shot of your bills as they come in to automatically schedule them for payment on the due date.

Automate your bill payments

Automatic tax calculation

A surprise tax bill can lead to any number of issues that impact your score. Thriday can calculate your tax as your money comes in and out so you always know how much to set aside.

Automate your tax calculation

Automated budgeting

As revenue comes in, you can create rules to automate the distribution of money between any number of accounts. Putting your budget on autopilot can help you maintain a good score.

Automate your budget

Cash flow management

See how your business is performing every time you log into Thriday. Seeing dips in income or recognising increases in expenses can help you identify issues before they become big problems.

Manage your cash flow

Here’s what our customers have to say

Melissa Payne
So glad I made the switch to Thriday! I previously tried Quickbooks and Xero, and Thriday honestly runs circles around them. The customer care is wonderful (I was served by Alice), who took me through all the ins and outs of using Thriday to automate my invoice reconciliation. So relieved I no longer have to do everything manually!
January 21, 2024
Lachlan Deck
I've recently started using Thriday, initially as a trial and then decided to sign up for an annual subscription. Why? It's simple to use. Setting up automated allocations for incoming revenue for GST, Tax, Profit, Owner's Pay, Operating Expenses and to other external accounts makes life easier. The Thriday team are also really receptive to feedback. I'm happy to recommend this for sole-traders like myself.
January 18, 2024
Fraser Stevens
I'm a big fan of neobanks, having used them for personal banking for a decade or so now. Small business banking can be messy with a microcosm of accounts and services to connect and keep aligned. This isn't the case with Thriday. I spent a few hours researching what's available for Australian SMBs and found the functionality offered far outstrips other options. Everything proffered is so far working to spec and I'm more than happy with the platform. The user interface is clear and intuitive. The first month is free, with fees thereafter more than fair given the amount of features that are available to you.
January 11, 2024
Keri French
I recently moved from Hnry to Thriday and it's been a dream. As a designer, I always found the Hnry app so basic and hard to use. With Thriday, everything is straightforward, and automated and the UI is so much cleaner. With Thriday, all the money I earn is available to me, and I can see my tax position in real-time. I also love that I can just upload bills to pay them, and that I don't need to manually upload receipts and record GST.
November 23, 2023
Ben Mensah
Made the switch and have been so happy with Thriday! The platform is so intuitive and easy to use and has been a complete game-changer for managing my finances as a sole trader. Having all my accounting done automatically now has given me so much time back - and having properly prepared financial reports statements made and updated for me and always on hand without having to lift a finger has been absolutely incredible! It's like having a personal accountant on your phone but even better because everything is in one place and the peace of mind from knowing I'm always on top of things now is unmatched. Customer support has been great as well. Couldn't recommend it more to any other small business owners!
November 8, 2023
Hugh Laverty
The best banking solution for freelancers, hands down. Saves so much time and infinitely better experience than any established Aussie bank. Great work
July 1, 2023
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Don't let a mystery number take away your control

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Frequently asked questions

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How can Thriday help improve my credit score?

Thriday provides a system that promotes simpler, better financial management.

Lodge your BAS and tax directly from Thriday on time with no effort

Why should I care about my business credit score?

You may not even know you have a poor score. You could be paying more than you have to for loans and insurance, and your trust profile could be impacting sales and revenue

How is your business credit score calculated?

RiskScore uses three categories of data to assess the risk level of a business:

  • Tradeline behavioural data: CreditorWatch’s 55,000+ customers deliver more than 11 million monthly trade lines from businesses of all sizes and industries. This unique transaction data includes both positive and negative payment behaviour from corporate ATB uploads and SME payment data.
  • Business demographic risk data: This includes geographic risk clusters that capture risk of a certain location and factors such as business maturity, entity type, industry and tax status. Natural language processing is applied to business names to classify high-risk business types.
  • Traditional credit risk drivers, including ATO tax debt d
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