How to become an Administrator


Becoming an administrator in Australia is a great way to start a career in the business sector. As an administrator you get to work across a variety of different things and the work is always interesting. In this blog, we will look at some of the skills and experience required to become an in-demand administrator in Australia. We will also discuss how you can get started on your journey towards becoming a successful administrator.  

Step 1: Qualifications are important

To become an administrator in Australia, most businesses are looking for someone with at least five years’ experience. This can make it hard to get your foot in the door, so it’s recommended that you complete your tertiary qualifications such as a diploma or degree in business administration or similar field. This qualification should preferably be from an Australian university or college. Additionally, having a working knowledge of computer systems and software like Microsoft Office is essential for most roles as an administrator.

Step 2: Time to skill up

In addition to formal qualifications and experience, there are certain skills and attributes that are important for anyone working as an administrator. These include excellent problem-solving abilities, strong communication skills, organisational skills, attention to detail and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision. It is also important that administrators have good interpersonal skills so they can build relationships with colleagues and customers alike.  

Step 3: Join the Australian Institute of Administrative Professionals (AIAP)

The AIAP is a great way to stay connected to the industry and understand the latest trends and tools that can assist you in being an excellent administrator. The AIAP can support you with news, tips, conferences and workshops related to administration. You can even network with other professionals in the field and seek out opportunities for further professional development.

In conclusion, being qualified and having the right type of experience are essential if you want to become an administrator in Australia. You need strong problem-solving abilities, excellent communication skills, attention to detail and organisational skills if you want to stand out from other applicants. Finally, gaining relevant experience through internships or volunteering could help give your application the edge over competitors when it comes time for selection interviews.

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