How to become a Bricklayer


If you’re looking for a career with plenty of job opportunities, look no further than the world of bricklaying. Being a bricklayer is not only financially rewarding but also in high demand. Becoming a qualified and experienced bricklayer in Australia can create numerous opportunities, so let’s take a closer look at how to become one.  


Step 1: Obtain a white card

Before you can start working as a bricklayer, you will need to obtain a white card. You will need to complete a Certificate III in Bricklaying or undertake an apprenticeship program to get your white card. Most apprenticeships are three years long, and involve both on-the-job training, as well as attending TAFE courses part-time. During your training you will learn important skills such as reading plans, using levels, working with bricks and mortar, laying blocks and pavers, and more. You can find work as an apprentice labourer through job websites, newspapers, or by contacting bricklaying companies directly.

Step 2: Join the Master Builders Association

Once you have completed your apprenticeship or Certificate III course, it is recommended that you join the Master Builders Association (MBA). This membership allows you to access numerous benefits such as discounts on tools and supplies, access to industry networks and support services, insurance packages tailored for small businesses, access to courses, networking events and more. In addition to joining the MBA it may also be beneficial to join the CFMEU (Construction Forestry Maritime Mining Energy Union) which provides union representation for workers in construction related industries.  

Step 3: Register your business

Once you have gained the necessary qualifications and experience it is important that you register your business correctly with the relevant state authority or local council. Depending on which state or territory you live in there may be different rules around registering your business name or becoming self-employed so make sure you do your research thoroughly before commencing any work. It is also important that you keep up to date with any relevant laws regarding occupational safety as well as workers’ compensation regulations in your area.  

Step 4: Purchase your own tools

Once you have qualified as a bricklayer and obtained your white card, you will need to purchase your own tools. This includes items such as trowels, levels, hammers, chisels, and wheelbarrows. You can purchase these items either online or from hardware stores.  Popular stores such as Bunnings and Mitre 10 are a good palce to start.

Step 5: Get insurance

It is also recommended that you get insurance before starting work as a bricklayer. Insurance will protect you financially if you are injured while working or if your tools are lost or stolen. You can obtain insurance through insurers such as Trade Risk. Additionally, it may be beneficial to obtain public liability insurance in order to protect yourself from any potential claims from customers should something go wrong with their project.

Step 6: Advertise your services

Now that you have everything in place, you need to start advertising your business. It’s best to promote your business through local publications or even mail drop offs. Look for building sites or works that have recently been approved. You can even connect with other tradies such as carpenters, plumbers and roofers to see if they can introduce you to any potential clients.

Becoming a qualified bricklayer takes dedication but if done correctly can lead to great rewards both personally and financially. Once all the necessary steps are taken such as gaining qualifications through an apprenticeship program or coursework completion, registering your business, joining industry associations, getting business insurance, and advertising your services, then there should be nothing stopping you from starting out on your journey of becoming a successful bricklayer.

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