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March 19, 2024
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Ben Mensah
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Harnessing the power of the best receipt management applications is essential for streamlining your expense management and ensuring your financial documents are meticulously organised. In this guide, we'll unpack the premier receipt management apps for 2024, highlighting their pivotal features, ease of use, and potential to revolutionise your business operations. We'll also spotlight Thriday's standout role as an all-encompassing solution for contemporary financial management. Whether you're freelancing, overseeing an e-commerce venture, or navigating the complexities of a thriving small business, the significance of an efficient receipt tracking system is undeniable.

Tracking expenses and managing receipts can be cumbersome, but with the right app this crucial aspect of business finance becomes a breeze, transforming a potentially chaotic pile of paper into a neatly organised digital archive. As we move into 2024, adopting a sophisticated receipt management app isn't just a convenience—it's a strategic decision that propels business efficiency and financial transparency. A top-tier receipt management app does more than digitise receipts; it integrates seamlessly with your financial workflow, from expense tracking to comprehensive financial reporting, ensuring your data is easily accessible and securely stored.

With innovative platforms like Thriday, which seamlessly blend receipt scanning with banking* and AI-driven financial insights, the once daunting task of financial administration is significantly simplified - elevating operational efficiency, enriching your business with financial insights, and freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters—running your business.

The Benefits of A Great Receipt App

Exploring the benefits of top-tier receipt management apps is essential before we get into our 2024 roundup. These apps play a pivotal role in optimising expense management and enhancing financial organisation for businesses of all sizes:

Streamlined Expense Tracking and Management

Receipt management apps revolutionise the way businesses handle expense tracking. By enabling the quick capture and digital storage of receipts, these apps significantly reduce manual data entry and the risk of errors. This efficiency saves time and ensures accurate expense recording, which is crucial for financial analysis and decision-making.

Thriday elevates expense management by offering an integrated solution that automates the capture, categorisation, and reconciliation of receipts. This seamless process allows businesses to maintain a real-time overview of their expenses, enhancing control over financial operations and simplifying expense reporting.

Thriday categorisation
Understand your business' finances with more clarity and quicker than ever before with Thriday's automated bookkeeping and accounting platform

Enhanced Tax Preparation and Compliance

Navigating tax obligations becomes straightforward with the right receipt app. By digitising and organising receipts, these apps facilitate easier tax filing and compliance, helping to ensure that your business can claim all eligible deductions and manage BAS and GST obligations effectively.

With Thriday, tax time becomes relax time. The platform's AI-driven technology and smart GST recognition automatically categorise expenses and prepare comprehensive reports that are ready for tax season - leveraging software to minimise the effort required for tax preparation and help maximise potential deductions, contributing to better financial health.

Thriday Tax Summary
Thriday leverages the power of AI to automatically reconcile your receipts, invoices, income and expenses to generate key financial reports such as tax estimates and forecasts in the app without lifting a finger!

Improved Financial Insights and Budgeting

These days, receipt apps can offer more than just receipt management; they provide valuable insights into spending patterns and financial trends. This data is instrumental in creating accurate budgets and making informed financial decisions.

Thriday's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities give you a detailed understanding of your business' financial landscape. By analysing revenue and expense data, Thriday helps identify areas for cost reduction and opportunities for budget optimisation, empowering you with insights to strategise more effectively.

Safeguarded Financial Data

Security is paramount when managing financial information. Leading receipt management apps ensure that sensitive data is protected through encryption and secure storage solutions, giving you peace of mind that your financial records are safe from unauthorised access.

Thriday prioritises security alongside functionality, offering a secure platform for all financial transactions and data storage. This commitment to safeguarding user data underscores Thriday's role as a trusted partner in financial management.

Adopting a sophisticated receipt management app like Thriday can transform how you manage your business expenses, enhance tax preparation, and offer critical financial insights to improve your small business's operational efficiency and financial health - all whilst ensuring superior data security.

How to Choose the Best Receipt App?

Choosing the ideal receipt management app for your small business in 2024 goes beyond merely digitising receipts; it's about finding an innovative solution that offers a seamless way to capture, store, and manage receipts to enhance your financial organisation, provide critical insights and simplify financial administration. 

As we evaluate the top contenders, including Thriday's comprehensive platform and other specialised apps, we'll delve into what each offers in terms of functionality, advantages, and potential drawbacks.

When deciding on the best receipt app, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Ease of Use: The app should be intuitive, allowing straightforward receipt scanning, categorisation, and financial management without a complex setup process.
  • Integration Capabilities: Opt for an all-in-one app like Thriday or ensure your app choice integrates with your existing financial tools, such as accounting software and banking services, to streamline your financial workflows.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Assess the value offered by the app, considering any subscription fees or additional costs. Many apps provide valuable features beyond basic receipt scanning, like Thriday's comprehensive financial management suite.
  • Advanced Features: Look for apps that offer more than just receipt scanning, such as automated expense reporting, tax preparation assistance, and real-time financial insights to aid in decision-making.
  • Security and Support: Ensure the app provides robust data protection measures and offers reliable customer support to assist with any queries or issues.

The best receipt management app should offer a blend of functionality, efficiency, and integration options for businesses of all sizes, from freelancers to growing enterprises. It should make receipt management easier, contribute to a broader understanding of your financial health, support compliance efforts, and facilitate strategic planning.

By carefully considering these aspects, you can select a receipt app that not only meets your immediate needs but also supports your business's security and success in the long term.

The Top Receipt Apps in Australia for 2024

Navigating through the myriad of receipt apps available in Australia for 2024 reveals a clear trend: these applications are indispensable for small businesses focused on optimising expense tracking, enhancing financial organisation, and bolstering tax compliance. In the search for operational efficiency, accurate expense management, and streamlined tax preparation, here are our standout selections for the year:

Thriday: The Ultimate Receipt Management Solution for Australian Businesses

In 2024, Thriday emerges as the leading choice for comprehensive receipt management, offering an all-encompassing suite of features designed to simplify and enhance the expense tracking and financial management process for small businesses across Australia.

Thriday transcends traditional receipt apps by integrating automated receipt scanning and reconciliation within a broader suite of financial tools such as automated transaction categorisation and reconciliation, tax summarisation and cash flow forecasting, financial reporting capabilities and more, all powered by cutting-edge AI technology. This holistic approach not only streamlines receipt management but also embeds it within a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate financial ecosystem, freeing up valuable time for you to focus less on financial admin and more on what you do best: running your business.

Thriday all-in-one
Thriday is an all-in-one financial management platform offering seamless integration of receipt scanning, automated accounting, tax and cash flow forecasting, business banking* and more in one intuitive app to eliminate financial admin for small business owners in Australia

Streamlined Receipt Management with Thriday

Thriday has revolutionised receipt management for Australian small businesses, offering an advanced, integrated solution that simplifies and automates handling receipts. With Thriday, you can effortlessly scan, upload, automatically reconcile and store receipts, transforming a traditionally time-consuming task into a seamless part of your financial management workflow. Here's how Thriday stands out in receipt management:

  • Efficient Receipt Scanning and Bulk Uploading: Thriday allows for the quick upload of up to 20 receipts at once directly through the Thriday app or website. Simply snap a photo of your receipt using your smartphone camera or webcam, and Thriday's state-of-the-art OCR technology will automatically extract and reconcile the data from each receipt, eliminating the tediousness of manual entry and errors whether on the go or at the office!
  • Smart Duplicate Detection and Reconciliation: Thriday's intelligent system automatically identifies duplicates, ensuring that each receipt is unique and accurately accounted for. If a receipt doesn't immediately match an existing transaction, Thriday provides tools for manual adds and reconciliation, ensuring that every expense is correctly recorded.
  • Simplified Tax Time: Thriday stores all your receipts in an organised, clutter-free manner, ensuring they're readily accessible come tax time. This digital record-keeping simplifies tax filing, making tax time a more relaxed and stress-free period. With all receipts stored and categorised within Thriday, you can easily provide detailed expense reports, ensuring you claim all eligible deductions and minimise your tax liability.
  • Personalised Deductions: Thriday's Automated Accounting and smart GST recognition help automate away many of the tedious tax calculations, with the platform's rules based system automatically identifying personalised deduction opportunities based on your specific business activities and expenses. By analysing your scanned receipts and financial transactions, Thriday can highlight potential tax deductions you might not have considered, ensuring you take full advantage of tax-saving opportunities.

Features and Benefits

  • Visa Debit Card*: With Thriday's Visa Debit Card, enjoy the convenience of making payments globally wherever Visa is accepted, along with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds at any Australia Post branch and ATMs nationwide.
Thriday VISA debit card
Effortlessly spend with your Thriday VISA debit card* wherever
  • Profit First Budgeting: Thriday simplifies adopting the Profit First approach by allowing you to create up to ten distinct business transaction accounts for specific financial obligations such as taxes, payroll, and operating expenses, ensuring your finances are well-organised.
  • Automated Accounting: Transform your financial management with Thriday's AI-driven accounting automation. This feature automatically sorts transactions, compiles financial reports, and keeps your accounting records up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual bookkeeping and complex accounting procedures.
  • Allocations: With Thriday, you can automatically allocate funds across various bank accounts* based on a set schedule or as soon as income is received, streamlining your financial organisation.
  • Quick Quotes: Thriday's app enables you to swiftly generate professional quotes from anywhere, incorporating billable items and custom measurements effortlessly, making it simpler to provide quotes for both new and existing clients.
Thriday invoicing
Easily manage your invoices from quote to payment in the dashboard of Thriday's Instant Invoicing suite
  • Automated Easy Payments: Simplify your accounts payable with Thriday's Bill Manager. Capture a bill with a photo or forward it to Thriday, and the app will automatically process the details and prepare a payment for your confirmation.
  • Manage Business Health: Thriday offers real-time insights into your business's financial status with automatically generated reports such as cash flow projections, income statements, and tax forecasts, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Smart GST Recognition: Streamline your GST calculations and BAS submissions with Thriday's intelligent GST recognition system, which automatically identifies GST on transactions, enhancing the accuracy of your tax reporting.
  • Lightning Lodgment: Thriday's automated system simplifies tax lodgments, allowing you to prepare and submit your BAS directly through the app quickly, ensuring you remain compliant with minimal effort.
  • Effortless Tax Management: Leverage Thriday's automated tax forecasting for a comprehensive overview of your tax obligations, enabling proactive tax planning and management with detailed, real-time summaries.
  • Receipt Reconciliation: Maintain immaculate financial records with Thriday's receipt reconciliation feature. Simply scan your receipts, and Thriday will automatically match and store them, streamlining your preparation for tax season.

With Thriday, receipt management becomes a core component of your broader financial management strategy, seamlessly integrated with business banking* and AI-driven automated accounting to offer a total solution for businesses that not only simplifies receipt handling but also enriches financial insights, enabling you to take your data-driven business decision making to the next level.

Thriday all-in-one
Effortlessly capture, store, and categorise every receipt and expense, ensuring meticulous, real-time tracking and accounting within a simple and intuitive platform

Pricing Plans

Thriday has two plan options designed to meet the varied needs of your business:

  • $0 Access Fee Banking* Plan: Start with Thriday at no cost with $0 Access Fee Banking* and get access to up to 10 business transaction accounts* with a VISA debit card* in the one platform. This plan offers unlimited online invoicing, quoting, and a bill manager feature to simplify bill payments, plus a free 1-month trial of the Timesaver plan for new users.
  • $29 Timesaver Plan: Upgrade to a more extensive suite of services with the Timesaver Plan for $29 a month. This plan encompasses everything from the $0 Access Fee Banking* plan and introduces advanced features like unlimited receipt scanning and transaction reconciliation, Automated Accounting, and integrated PAYG tax assistance. Optimise your business's financial operations with the power of AI-driven automation to ensure a seamless management experience today!

Thriday represents the cutting-edge of next-generation receipt apps - providing a holistic financial management solution for Australian small businesses that blends receipt tracking, expense management, and tax preparation with AI-driven automation to eliminate financial admin for small business owners.

With Thriday, tracking and managing receipts and expenses is simplified - automatically capturing, reconciling, categorising and storing your financial data to keep you up-to-date on your business' financial health effortlessly.

Learn more about how Thriday can transform your financial management and start your journey with us today!

ATO myDeductions: For Basic Tax Management

ATO myDeductions
ATO myDeductions is a free, ATO-designed app for Australians focused solely on tax management to manage deductions, store receipts, and directly submit tax returns. Source: ATO


  • Free to use, designed by the Australian Taxation Office for individuals and sole traders

Features and Benefits

  • Enables easy tracking of deductions, including work-related expenses, vehicle expenses, and rental property expenses
  • Simplifies record-keeping by allowing users to store photographs of receipts and log trips
  • Direct integration with tax returns, allowing data to be uploaded directly to the ATO or shared with a tax agent
  • Designed specifically for Australian taxpayers, ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations


  • Lacks automated scanning and reconciliation, all expenses and transactions must be manually added
  • Limited to tax-related functionalities, without broader financial management features, making it less versatile compared to comprehensive platforms like Thriday, Zoho Expense, or Expensify
  • Lacks integration with financial accounting software, requiring manual data transfer to other platforms for users who also need comprehensive financial tracking and reporting
  • No features like real-time cash flow analysis or financial forecasting, which are essential for more comprehensive financial planning and management

The ATO myDeductions app, designed specifically for Australian tax law compliance, is a focused tool for tax record-keeping that is ideal for individuals and sole traders aiming to simplify their tax preparation and filing process. Its direct integration with the ATO enables a smooth transition from recording deductions to submitting tax returns, offering a straightforward, free solution for managing tax obligations. 

However, when compared to more comprehensive financial management platforms like Thriday, myDeductions has limited functionality - focusing solely on tax documentation and lacking the depth in financial tracking, analysis, and management provided by more versatile apps. This specialisation makes it a valuable tool for tax purposes but less versatile for those seeking a broader financial management solution.

QuickBooks Online: For Comprehensive Business Management

QuickBooks Online Software
QuickBooks online is a comprehensive financial management platform starting at $25 AUD/month, offering advanced AI for receipt matching and integration within the QuickBooks ecosystem. Source: QuickBooks Online


  • Monthly subscriptions start at $25 AUD per month for basic features, extending up to $110 AUD per month for full functionalities, positioning QuickBooks as a higher-priced option

Features and Benefits

  • Integrates with QuickBooks' suite, useful for those already within the QuickBooks ecosystem
  • Email functionality allows for easy receipt submission directly into the system
  • Advanced AI technology attempts to auto-match receipts to transactions, streamlining the bookkeeping process
  • Manual transaction addition offers flexibility when automatic matching is not possible


  • No free plan, making it less accessible for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget
  • Lacks a bulk upload feature, potentially slowing down the expense recording process for users with numerous receipts
  • Exclusive to QuickBooks Online subscribers, limiting its use to those already committed to QuickBooks' platform
  • Higher cost compared to alternatives, with plans starting at $25 AUD per month, may deter small businesses or those looking for cost-effective solutions

QuickBooks Online is designed to streamline financial management with features that support expense tracking, transaction matching, and overall bookkeeping efficiency through AI technology and integration with its broader software suite.

Despite its integration capabilities and AI-enhanced processing, the requirement for a costly full-suite QuickBooks Online subscription and the absence of a bulk upload option may limit its appeal – with its pricing structure at the higher end of the market, potentially deterring those looking for a more cost-effective or flexible solution.

Expensify: For Advanced Expense Reporting and Management

Expensify software
Expensify is a platform for detailed expense reporting and management, equipped with unlimited SmartScans, advanced approval workflows, and broad integration capabilities. Source: Expensify


  • Subscription rates begin at $14 AUD per user/month for the 'Collect' plan, scaling to $30 AUD per user/month for the 'Control' plan

Features and Benefits

  • No minimum user requirement, making it suitable for businesses of any size
  • Unlimited SmartScans on all plans
  • Features like Expense Approvals and Distance Tracking cater to detailed expense management needs
  • Broad integration capabilities with accounting, HR, and travel applications streamline financial processes


  • Users report occasional slow performance and bugs, potentially hindering user experience
  • Consolidating duplicates from different sources such as email and credit card can be confusing

Expensify positions itself as a comprehensive solution for business expense management, emphasising ease of use with features like receipt scanning and mileage tracking. Its ability to automate various preaccounting tasks, coupled with advanced tax tracking and compliance tools, aims to simplify financial organisation for businesses. 

While its wide range of features and integrations presents a strong case, businesses may need to weigh these against the potential for experience may be marred by performance issues and sometimes confusing UX, which could detract from its overall utility. 

Zoho Expense: For Travel and Expense Management

Zoho expense software
Zoho Expense offers a comprehensive tool for efficient travel and expense tracking that can be integrated with major accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero


  • Offers a free plan with limited features, including storage up to 5GB and up to 20 receipt scans per month
  • Paid plans range from $6 AUD to $9 AUD per user per month for additional functionalities and higher scan limits, with a minimum requirement of three users

Features and Benefits

  • Free and low-cost paid plans enhance affordability for businesses of all sizes
  • Seamless integration with accounting software like Zoho Books, QuickBooks Online, and Xero
  • A 14-day free trial on paid plans allows users to test premium features
  • Pay-as-you-go option and bulk receipt upload for efficient expense management
  • Supports ride-sharing app receipts and integrates with the comprehensive Zoho suite for a unified business management experience


  • Paid plans require a minimum of three users, potentially increasing costs for smaller teams
  • The free plan does not include duplicate detection, which could lead to errors in expense tracking
  • Certain integrations, such as QuickBooks Desktop, are only available with paid plans
  • Advanced features like unlimited receipt autoscan and travel requests are exclusive to higher-tier plans

Zoho Expense is a versatile application designed to streamline expense tracking and management. With its ability to automatically extract and categorise information from scanned receipts, users gain clear insights into spending, facilitating easier report creation for taxes or reimbursements. The app's capability to generate and submit expense reports adds significant value for business owners and freelancers needing to maintain accurate financial records. Additionally, its integration with other Zoho products offers a cohesive toolset for businesses already within the Zoho ecosystem.

What's the Best Receipt App? Our Verdict

Choosing the right receipt management app goes beyond simple utility —it represents a crucial decision that can level up your business' financial management forever. In 2024, Thriday stands out as the premier choice for Australian small businesses, offering a comprehensive solution beyond simple receipt scanning to include automated expense tracking, tax forecasting, and financial reporting within a single platform.

Thriday's all-in-one approach integrates AI-driven accounting and business banking*, streamlining the expense management process to simplify financial administration and provide you and your business with real-time insights and compliance ease, making it the best receipt app of the year.

For businesses aiming to improve operational efficiency and gain financial clarity, Thriday offers a transformative solution. Embrace Thriday's innovative platform to elevate your financial management and join the revolution today for a smarter, more efficient business operation!

DISCLAIMER: Team Thrive Pty Ltd ABN 15 637 676 496 (Thriday) is an authorised representative (No.1297601) of Regional Australia Bank ABN 21 087 650 360  AFSL 241167 (Regional Australia Bank).  Regional Australia Bank is the issuer of the transaction account and debit card available through Thriday. Any information provided by Thriday is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether Thriday is appropriate for you.

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